September 9, 2013

Linux 4 Lives

What is Linux 4 Lives?
Linux 4 Lives is an initiative started by Computico to help those that are unable to afford a computer in our community (Guelph) get a computer free of charge.

What is Linux?
Linux is an open source operating system . Most distributions of Linux are available for free as in cost and always free in terms of free speech.

How can I help Computico with Linux 4 Lives?
If you have any old computers or even parts laying around, we can pick them up from you and set them up for those in need of a computer.

I am in need of a computer, where do I apply?
You can apply through the form below OR Contact Us page. When using the Contact Us please give us the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Please briefly describe how a computer will help you with work, educational, or personal purposes. Also, please specify if you attend high school or college.
  • Will any family members living in your household be using the computer? If so, how would it benefit them?


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